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Treat Your Dirt and Gravel Roads Better with DustGard® Magnesium Chloride Road Stabilizer.

Provides greater stabilization and dust control.

Helps decrease the frequency of gravel replacement.

Creates better visibility for drivers that depend on dirt roads in their communities.

Helps reduce wear and tear on trucks, graders, compactors and other equipment.

Helps reduce gravel road maintenance costs and man-hours for county road commissions and businesses.

A mainstay product for controlling dust to help manage air pollution.

Virtually No Carbon Footprint.

At our Ogden, Utah, facility we draw highly concentrated brine from the Great Salt Lake into shallow solar evaporation ponds and harness the power of the sun and wind to extract high-quality magnesium chloride. Through solar evaporation, we also minimize the use of carbon-based energy and greenhouse gas emissions.

This natural process is environmentally friendly, cost-effective and produces the highest quality magnesium chloride products in the world.


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